Hygiene during wearing mask

08 January 2022

Nowadays, one of the ways to reduce the spread of coronavirus and protection from it, is to use a mask

Nowadays, one of the ways to reduce the spread of coronavirus and protection from it, is to use a mask. Masks are now a constant part of people’s clothing. Hence, in accordance with the principles of hygiene when wearing clothes, wearing a mask is not excluded from this rule and requires more health care than other clothing.

One of the most important reasons of mask hygiene observance necessity is the presence of moist space of mouth under the mask; hence, if you do not manage the created moisture in the space under the mask, the risk of various infections, including bacterial and fungal infections of the skin, as well as oral infections, increase. Also, due to the high volume of humidity and lack of air flow, the spread of these diseases is faster and it is much more difficult to control.

To reduce the risk of these symptoms, dermatologists have proposed various methods including:


1-Daily skin wash and moisturizing it

Washing the skin with a smooth, non-perfumed cleanser can prevent many skin problems. After wash, It is also recommended to use moisturizers to reduce the risk of dry skin. It is better to choose moisturizers according to the type of skin, for example:

  • Oily skin: gel;
  • Normal skin: lotion;
  • Dry skin: cream.

Additionally, the presence of one of the ceramides’ compounds, hyaluronic acid and dimethicone in moisturizing products can be more useful.

Regarding dry and sensitive skin, it is better to use moisturizer before and also after applying the mask.


2-Use lip balm

Dry and cracked lips are some of the most common problems after applying a mask which can be annoying to the person. Using the right lip balm can greatly reduce this symptom and keep the lips moist. A good lip balm is better to have controllable fat and high absorption and not to be spread on the face. Also it would be preferable if it was odorless, so does not cause breathing problems in the case of wearing a mask.

The best time to use lip balm is in the following cases:

  • After washing the face;
  • Before applying the mask;
  • Before sleep


3-Makeup removal

When you use makeup under a mask, the created moist space, closes the pores of skin and endangers its health by increasing the risk of bacterial infections and swollen, painful acne due to blocked pores. Therefore, removing makeup under the mask is one of the ways to maintain healthy skin during this period. If makeup is necessary, it is better to use non-comedogenic cosmetics.


4-Do not use new skin care products

If you have not used scrubs and skin peels before, it is better not to use them due to skin sensitivity during this period.


5-Less use of skin irritating care products

Using a mask even for a short time can change the skin’s sensitivity to other chemical agents; therefore, in this period, it is recommended to use much less of strong peeling agents, skin scrubs and Retinoids. The following compounds can increase skin irritation:

  • Salicylic acid;
  • Oral and topical Retinoids;
  • After shave products


6-Using the appropriate mask

The mask used in this period should have various features; first of all, its protective layers should be sufficient to prevent the spread of the virus. But preferably the outer layer should not made of plastic, nylon, polyester and rayon; since it irritates the skin and increases the risk of skin infections. The mask should also be comfortable on the face; too tight and stretched mask on the face can irritate your skin. Another important point about the mask is its complete and fixed adjustment; consequently if you regularly touch your mask to adjust it, microbes will be transmitted to the mask and face.

The masks should frequently be changed. Prolonged use of a mask or washing it increases the risk of infection and reduces the rate of prevention. In case of obligated washing, this procedure should be done using odorless detergents. It is also necessary to use high temperature water.

If the mask changes after washing, the prevention of COVID-19 infection will be reduced.



7-Rest while using mask

Every 4 hours of applying the mask requires 15 minutes of rest. In addition to maintaining the health of the respiratory system, increasing oxygen delivery and improving brain function, this helps people to maintain much healthier skin. Of course, this should be done in safe situation and after hand washing. Safe places to remove the mask:

  • Open space at least two meters away from others;
  • In the car when you are alone;
  • At home.

8-Skin treatment in case of acne

In case of acne and other skin infections, to prevent from further spread, its treatment is necessary.


9-Oral and dental health

In addition to beauty, another important point about wearing a mask is oral and dental hygiene. In case of non-observance of hygiene, due to hot and humid space under the mask, the risk of oral candidiasis and oral plaque increases; therefore, brushing teeth during the day as well as using antibacterial mouthwashes during this period will help to maintain better oral health. In addition, daily consumption of antioxidants, including vitamin C, is effective in reducing the incidence of mouth ulcers.

Remember that skin care is essential during the use of the mask and helps maintain the beauty and health of the skin.

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