History of Establishment

Actoverco Pharmaceutical Company


The story of Actoverco began with the efforts of the late Dr. Mostafa Naraghi, a pharmacy graduate from the University of Tehran. Dr. Naraghi started his work in the pharmaceutical industry in 1956 and after gaining experience, he established Actoverco company in 1972 . Medicine import to cover the vacuity caused by the shortage of many pharmaceutical items in the Iran’s market was the main activity of the corporation at that time.

With the beginning of the imposed war and the difficult situation in the country, Actoverco tried to help the health of his compatriots and the needs of the country by providing the necessary medicines. With the termination of the war and at the same time with the period of economic development of the country, Actoverco also expanded. In this regard, the managers of the company decided to be active in the food sector in addition to the pharmaceutical area, thus the Amadeh Laziz corporation was established in 2000.

After Dr. Naraghi passed away, his children continued their father's mission and established the Actover group by expanding their factories, and in addition to development of their own brand products, they also produced the products of the world's most important pharmaceutical companies for the Iran’s market.

Today, Actoverco is one of the greatest private sector pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Middle East, producing more than 330 pharmaceutical products in 15 medical fields by more than 2,000 hard-working Iranian specialists. These products are offered with the highest quality and the most appropriate price in domestic and foreign markets.

Cooperation with Merck Company

Due to the major demand for high-quality injectable drugs in Iran, the production line of these products in Iran was designed and launched by the engineers of the German Merck Company and Actoverco. In addition to producing Merck products, Actoverco also produces other drugs under its own brand.

Actoverco Biotech

Actoverco has been investing the production of biotechnology drugs since 2012, and the result of this investment is the construction of the Actoverco Biotech factory and the production of drugs needed for patients with MS and cancer. Additionally, the second phase of the Biotech line was also launched to produce biosimilars for the treatment of cancer and special diseases.


The high-quality necessary drugs needed to fight cancer are produced in Actero. The products of this factory can compete with the European factories producing anti-cancer (oncology) drugs.


AtiPharmed factory started as the first GMP-certified factory producing various hormonal drugs, especially in the field of fertility and women health, and its pharmaceutical products are used in international markets in addition to Iran.

Alborz Zagros

Alborz Zagros is the first and only specialized OEL5-certified factory producing products in which the observance of special standards for hazardous drugs in their production process is necessary.

Actoverco during the Corona epidemic

With the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Actoverco, in the shortest time and with the highest capacity, produced and supplied oral and injectable anti-viral pharmaceutical products used by COVID-19 patients. Also, Actoverco, by utilizing its scientific and technological capabilities as well as its international reputation, succeeded to start the licensed production of Sputnik vaccine for the first time in the Middle East in Iran.