Goals and Strategies

Actoverco Pharmaceutical Company


Becoming the best pharmaceutical company in the country by offering diverse, world-class pharmaceutical products to create a healthier future for Iranian society


Actoverco pharmaceuticals, as one of the biggest pharmaceutical corporations in the country and the region, has based its scope of achieving the highest position on courage, responsibility, respect, honesty and transparency. These values shape the daily activities of the Actover Group as well as the way of facing challenges and interact with customers, business partners and colleagues, and human values originated from the rich culture of dear Iran, are the foundation of Actoverco successes.


Actoverco aims to excel the country, provide the highest quality pharmaceutical products to reduce and alleviate patients' pain, promote community health, sustainable growth along with huge international companies and intends to achieve its transcendent goal by continuous development of existing capabilities and capacities, increasing efficiency and encouraging employees. Moreover, Actoverco believes in attaining a high position to complete and expand its expertise. In this regard, it has put the following goals at the forefront of its actions:


Our mission is to produce the highest quality pharmaceutical products, by utilizing the latest technology of the world, specialized human resources and smart selection of new products.