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Actoverco Pharmaceutical Company

Actoverco and Youthfulness-orientation

By employing more than 2000 country’s efficient young people in 15 medical fields with more than 320 pharmaceutical products possessing highest standards approved by domestic and international organizations, Actoverco has been able to develop the greatest and the most experienced private pharmaceutical group in Iran and the Middle East. Actoverco has been established with the aim of production and supply of the pharmaceutical needs of Iranian patients and achieving the best quality, at the global level, also has always been one of the leading companies in manufacturing the best drugs in the Iranian market and the region.

This group by occupying one of the largest production lines of final medicines in the country, manufactures the highest amounts of tablets, capsules, syringes, vials and ampoules. Actover Group's efforts to increase employment and boost national production includes provision and application of the most equipped production machines based on the latest technology in the field of oral and injectable drugs, the most advanced and equipped production lines of anti-cancer, transplant, hormonal and fertility drugs, along with the transfer of technical knowledge and use of existing capacities in the country.

Actoverco Treatment Areas

At present, the pharmaceutical sector with 43,000 square meters of production space and 18 production lines of tablets and capsules with a capacity of more than 7 billion per year, 5 production lines of vials and pre-filled syringes with a capacity of 60 million, the largest production line of ampoules with a capacity 50 million, 3 production lines of lyophilized products with a capacity of 5 million and 4 production lines composed of bioreactors with a capacity of 2000 liters and presence in more than 15 medical fields and production of pharmaceutical raw materials and supplements have reached the determined goals of the beginning; furthermore, with the assignment of the new goals, it has again started the fundamental changes in the pharmaceutical and therapeutic environment of the country. Actoverco’s effective presence in provision of COVID-19 drugs and the successful entrance to world vaccine developers club are the signs of this new beginning. The products of Actoverco in Actoverco 1, Actoverco 2, Actoverco Biotech (biosimilar products), Actero (the most equipped site for oncology products), AtiPharmed (the only GMP certified corporation regarding hormonal drugs), Alborz Zagros (the only site with OEL5 for hazardous drugs), Actoverco Cellgene (personalized medicine), Actobiochem (active pharmaceutical ingredients) and Nexus (supplements) results in production of drugs in the field of cardiovascular, neurology, asthma and allergy, diabetes, oncology, MS, urology, gynecology and infertility, organ transplantation, supplements, gastroenterology, hyperlipidemia and metabolism, analgesics, psychiatry, skin, hair and beauty and infectious diseases and COVID-19. Also, with the establishment of Actotech accelerator, it tried to cover the communicational gap between industry and university, so that university projects and industry needs can emerge and accelerate in reciprocal action.

Charity of Dr. Mostafa Naraghi

With the establishment of Dr. Naraghi’s Charity and participation in the board of trustees of Kahrizak, the Actover group pursued its social responsibility measures and tried to take basic steps in the direction of education by building and establishing schools and specialized conservatories in Tehran, Karaj and Mashhad. Poor families and orphans coverage in Dr. Naraghi's charity and establishment of a communication network for treatment and surgery of injured children in Iran and neighboring countries comprises the other activities of the Actover group. In the recent years, assistive and especially therapeutic activities in all natural disasters, along with food, medicine and clothing goods and basic necessities of life supply, efforts to provide children's stationery and toys in these areas, the presence of specialized teams in the Kermanshah and Sarpol-e-Zahab’s earthquakes, Lorestan, Khuzestan and Baluchistan floods, and providing aid to the dear people of the country have been consisted other measures of Actoverco. Identification of deprived areas of the country almost twice a year with executive teams of Dr. Naraghi's charity and companionship of Actoverco and Amadeh-Laziz in these areas including South Khorasan (Ferdows), Azerbaijan (QaraAghaj) and Ilam Heights are additional efforts.

Actoverco Social Responsibilities

• Development of medical and hospital wards by identification of children in need of serious medical care throughout the country and full support to improve the condition of patients
• More recently, introduction of Iraqi and Afghan children suffering from war or genetic disorders to medical centers and start treating them
• Support of any child who needs therapeutic, medical, surgical, or pharmaceutical support from anywhere in the country and recently abroad by Dr. Naraghi's charity.
With the outbreak of COVID-19, while providing personal protective clothing (GAN) and producing disinfectant solutions and donating to medical centers and deprived areas, Actoverco provided drugs such as Tamiflu and Kaletra and distributed rapidly in the first days of the outbreak. Simultaneously with the international manufacturers, the process of production of special COVID-19 drugs was started, and this caused the production process of these products in the country to be finalized in the shortest possible time, and in addition to self-sufficiency in production, with a capacity of more than 30 million Favipiravir tablets And 300,000 vials of Remdesivir per month, at a price of less than one-fifteenth, offers these products to our dear people. With the beginning of the global effort to supply Corona vaccine, the company, as the first holder of technical knowledge to produce this vaccine in the Middle East, succeeded to generate Russian Sputnik vaccine in Iran.