Production and Research Sites Introduction

Actoverco Pharmaceutical Company

Introduction of production and research sites

At the beginning of 2020, in line with the group development document and the need to pay attention to the principles of science production and the long-term goals of the country's development system, according to the economic leap program and paving the tortuous path of start-up businesses in the field of health focused on food and medicine, Actoverco decided to launch a knowledge-based complex at the Sharif University of Technology Innovation Station; This complex was put into operation in August 2020 in the presence of the Vice President for Science and Technology.

Actotech has started his work with regular planning with a university-industry-oriented approach as a leading accelerator to connect science and practice, so that both the knowledge-based theories of the academic people and young elites of country can be implemented using the existing capacities in the Actover group and to reach a conclusion through the university in areas that require extensive laboratory research in the manufacturing sector. Therefore, Actotech Accelerator is an advanced research and development complex with the acquired requirements of a science and technology park, in which serious scientific debates are held on the broad topics of science. This corporation with an industrial laboratory is provided for national researchers to carry out their proposals with the support of the Actover group. Conversations between academic highbrows and industry leaders along with the supervision of student observers, as well as face-to-face meetings and practical training classes are other features of this accelerator. Also, Actotech Accelerator first identifies the ideas and business groups that have a high coefficient of success in the mentioned field, and pave their way to success by providing the workspace, networking facilities, coaching and mentoring.

Actoverco Pharmaceutical Factories 1 and 2
Manufacturer of more than six billion tablets and capsules each year

In 2011, Actoverco 1 factory was established as the first factory of the Actoverco group. Actoverco 2 factory, as one of the most advanced and high throughput production lines of tablets and capsules in the country, was initiated in 2018 in order to increase the production capacity and meet the demand of patients. Intelligent air and pressure control system, GMP-oriented classification, and the production capacity of thousands of kilograms of granules per day are among the unique features of the Actover 1 and 2 factories.

Actoverco Factory 1

شرکت آماده لذیذ

Actoverco Biotech factory

Actoverco Biotech factory
Dedicated site for the production of recombinant drugs and monoclonal antibodies

The biotechnology site, with more than 3,000 m2 of total infrastructure, including 2,000 m2 of clean rooms and a production capacity of more than 40 million vials and pre-filled syringes, was launched in 1993 with the aim of producing recombinant drugs such as MS drugs and monoclonal antibodies.
At the beginning of 2018, Phase 2 of biotechnology factory started its activities with an infrastructure of about 5000 m2, including 3000 m2 of clean rooms. In this project, single-use bioreactor technology has been used for the first time in Iran and the Middle East.

Actero factory
Specialized factory for anti-cancer drugs

Actero is the greatest anti-cancer products factory in the Middle East which established in 2018 with utilization of the latest technologies of the world and a 7000 m2 infrastructure, production capacity of more than 10 million vials, 300 million tablets and 100 million capsules at Karaj Baharestan industrial town.

This factory is equipped with production line of oral and injectable GMP-certified drugs and OEB4 standard is considered in all levels of design, production and setup. At the Actero’s factory, safety considerations for drug production, staff and the environment have been considered at all stages from design to implementation. Actero’s vision is the full pharmaceutical coverage of cancer patients; therefore, in addition to the production of chemotherapy drugs, it is also active in the generation of palliative care drugs and drugs that reduce the complications of cancer and chemotherapy. The quality control laboratory of Actero pharmaceuticals, by using the latest and most equipped facilities in the world, is one of the most advanced laboratory centers in the field of pharmaceutical products in Iran and the region. Actero is a combination of global standards and domestic production capacities which the quality is the foundation of all its activities. All Actero operations from product development to production and supply are integrated and comply with the requirements of global regulations.

Actero factory

سایت آﺗﻰ ﻓﺎرﻣﺪ

AtiPharmed Factory

AtiPharmed Factory
Specialized factory for hormonal drugs

AtiPharmed Pharmaceutical Company, which started by direct investment as one of the largest hormonal drug producing factories to transfer advanced technology to Iran. It is the first GMP-certified specialized pharmaceutical company in the field of women's health.
Purchasing up-to-date equipment and observing minor and extensive sensitivities in the production process has made the AtiPharmed a reliable and unique partner for European investment in the production of hormonal drugs.

Alborz-Zagros Factory
Specialized site for hazardous drugs

Alborz Zagros has been designed according to the highest international standards and with the aim of producing hazardous drugs and has started operating under the license of Merck and Clausen; this factory has a special sensitivity due to the need to establish staff and the environment. This is the only Iranian OEL5-certified site with a production capacity of 800 million tablets and capsules per year.

Alborz-Zagros Factory