Export Holding in the Field of Export

Actoverco Pharmaceutical Company

Actover holding in the field of export

Export as the mission of Actover group to compete with global brands has always been considered by this group. As one of the representatives of our country in the field of medicine and health, Actover group has paid special attention to be present in export markets, in the private as well as public sectors.

This corporation, toward our dear country’s glory and accreditation in addition to maintaining quality and expanding its pharmaceutical markets, has taken a big step to compete with world-class manufacturers, which has resulted in recognition of the company's products as high-quality and competitive drugs with prominent international brands in neighborhood, Persian gulf basin, middle East, latin America and CIS members.world has been in neighboring countries, the Persian Gulf, the Middle East, Latin America and the CIS.

For any inquiries or more information about opportunities to cooperate with Actover Group, contact us at: export@actoverco.com         

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