The combined diabetes medicine was produced by Iranian scientists!

27 May 2024
لانچ داروی دیابت اکتوورکو (1)

Researchers at Actoverco pharmaceutical company, have succeeded in producing a type of oral combination drug for diabetes that can be used to control blood sugar in individuals with type 2 diabetes.

According to the Science and Education Group of IRNA, from the Communication and Information Center of the Vice Presidency for Science, Technology, and Knowledge-Based Economy type 2 diabetes, previously known as adult-onset diabetes, accounts for approximately 90% of diabetes cases. This type of diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar, insulin resistance, and a relative lack of insulin. It primarily occurs due to obesity and lack of exercise. Some individuals are genetically more susceptible to developing it than others.

The CEO of Actoverco Pharmaceutical Company stated: “The medication Trytis, which is a combination of Metformin, Empagliflozin, and Linagliptin, reduces blood sugar in diabetic patients through three different mechanisms of action. In the production of this medication, a combination of sustained-release and rapid-release technology for the active ingredients is used to achieve optimal and long-lasting blood sugar control in diabetic patients.”


Reza Karimi Mostofi, referring to the various statistics published about diabetes patients in the country, said: “At least 11% of the population over 20 years old suffer from diabetes, and nearly half of these patients are unaware of their condition. Nowadays, the use of combination drugs, which require the fewest number of pills per day and offer high efficacy, has created a significant breakthrough in diabetes management and has increased the success rate of treatment.”


He emphasized that the Empagliflozin in Trytis  tablets is associated with reduced mortality from cardiovascular diseases, heart failure, or diabetic kidney disease complications. The use of this medication in diabetic individuals can reduce the risk of cardiovascular and kidney-related problems.

The CEO of Actoverco Pharmaceutical Company, referring to the extensive efforts of the company’s technologists to combat diabetes, said: “Actoverco has previously contributed to the treatment of diabetes in the country by producing medications such Dipeta plus®, Dipeta®, Empaver, Empaver plus, Glicover, Glodap®, Glodaplus®, Glucovance, Glypover®, Glysta and Sigomet. For more information, visit Diabetes Medications.

Mostofi stated: “The Trytis medication, produced with the latest technology at Actoverco Pharmaceutical Company, has been made available to diabetic patients in May of this year.”


The CEO of this company concluded by highlighting the production of nearly 400 pharmaceutical products in 15 therapeutic areas, covering a wide range from general disease medications to oncology and high-risk, hormonal, and biological drugs. He noted: “This pharmaceutical company, which is also active in the production of raw pharmaceutical materials and supplements, has many programs underway for the production of chemical and biological drugs to control and treat non-communicable diseases.”

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لانچ داروی دیابت اکتوورکو (1)

The combined diabetes medicine was produced by Iranian scientists!

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